Order notice
1.Type of the products and name
2.Nominal open DN and specified flow  coefficient KV directly
3.Nominal pressure and difference of  pigeonholing
4.Flow characteristic
5.Package material in the valve body  and valve
6.Suitable temperature
7.Whether take the enclosure
8.The control signal is 4-20mA    electric current or 1-5v voltage  signal

    Use and maintain

1. Advise the applying unit to appoint special messengers to be responsible for using and maintaining.

2. After valve install, must open to enter medium try on movement can put into and use formally after foring several times, confirm normally.

3. Should wash inside and outside the big valve regularly and the armature is sucked and shut the Taxi filth . Pay attention to not damaging and seal the surface

4. When valve longer time does not need, should close the manual valve in front of the valve , while launching again, try movements for several times in check, can come into operation after the switch is normal。

5. The valve is unloaded from pipeline, when it is unnecessary, the inside and part are wiped away netly and exhaust storing with the compressed air in check.

6. When having longer service times, if piston and valve flat seal good, can seal rub flat again filling in, in addition the valve seat is ground 。

7. While working, should pay attention to the manometer in front and at the back of the valve, require working pressure not to exceed specified strength , it must be in the specified range that the work presses difference. When working pressure exceeds the specified pressure or the working pressure to exceed the difference of pigeonholing of amount, the valve should be out of use, close the switch, in case the valve explodes and lets out。


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